Our Services

  • Wedding Catering/Marriage Catering

    Weddings in India have always been a larger than life saga. For Indians, wedding is a grand affair that includes participation from each and every family member, relatives and friends. For more info call 0141-6551999 or +91 9649978999.

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  • Event Catering

    We even offer catering for other events like anniversary party, retirement party, your house inaugaration, for any social get together etc...You can choose from our extensive menu covering different cuisines. Just call us and enjoy your party!

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  • Corporate Catering Services

    Corporate events like board meetings, conferences, company meetings, corporate parties, product launches, exhibitions & fairs etc. Just call +91 9649978999 to place your order.

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Featured Articles

  • Some questions to ask your caterers?

    When hiring a caterer for your wedding reception, it's better to clear your doubts by asking some questions to your caterer. Here’s a sampling of questions you’ll want to ask when you’re meeting with caterers like....

    wedding catering, marriage catering
  • Indian Wedding Menu

    What do you serve at your wedding dinner or wedding reception? You will want it to be something special so that your guests will leave feeling happy and satisfied and probably give compliments to you for your wedding food.

    wedding planning, wedding decoration, theme wedding, wedding in Jaipur
  • Planning around your wedding budget

    The wedding planning process is one of the most important times in your life, and we understand that this can also be one of the most stressful times as you try to plan within your wedding budget. There are so many things that require your attention....

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Featured Recipes

  • Popcorn Cake For Kids

    recipe for kids This is a wonderful cake that the kids will love. It's sweet, crispy, crunchy and chewy....

    wedding catering, marriage catering
  • Chocolate Rainbow Dot Cookies

    recipe for kids Mostly loved by kids!! Easy and very simple recipe, made by using all purpose flour and wheat flour....

    wedding planning, wedding decoration, theme wedding, wedding in Jaipur
  • Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding

    recipe for kids This homemade chocolate pudding recipe is made with chocolate, milk, cornstarch, sugar, and vanilla. A chocolate pudding recipe...

    event management company Jaipur, event organisers Jaipur, event managers Jaipur

About Nutty Taste

Whatever be the event, whether its a social get together, birthday party, wedding, anniversary party, official training, official meeting and conference or a train journey....food is a key component to an event's success in Indian society.

Nutty, offers catering services in Jaipur, providing amazing food in a recommended venue perfect for your event. At the office, get imaginative corporate lunch packets from Nutty Taste. Order quality food in train at very affordable prices. You can even place order for bulk thalis having fresh veg meal in train or in office.