Some Questions to ask your wedding caterers?

"WeddingWhen hiring a caterer for your wedding reception, it's better to clear your doubts by asking some questions to your caterer. Here’s a sampling of questions you’ll want to ask when you’re meeting with caterers:

  • Given the no of person, venue time, and date of my wedding, what are some menu items that you suggest? What would the cost-per-person be?
  • Are menus set, or do you have some flexibility? Can you customize your own menu or use a family recipe?
  • What are your most popular dishes?
  • Can we see pictures of previous events?
  • When will I need to finalize the menu?
  • Does the cost cover just the food, or does it include linens, utensils, dishes and glassware too?
  • Does the per-person cost include the service staff and cleanup?
  • What deposit do you require to hold the date, and when will the rest of the money be due?
  • Will a catering manager be on site during the reception? If so, do they charge an additional fee?
  • Are you familiar with the reception site?