What is Catering?

Catering Services in Jaipur, Caterers in Jaipur, Best Caterers in JaipurCatering is the act of providing food and beverage at a remote site for various events like wedding or marriage, birthday party, anniversary party, retirement party, home inauguration party, social get together, business meetings, conferences, exhibitions etc...

There are two main types of catering which are: on-premise and off premise. On-premise catering refers to food that is prepared and served in the same place to a group of people. Off-premise catering is food prepared in a kitchen and then transported to the place where it will be served to a group of people.

Generally, now a days caterers provides full service catering which includes charge of food preparation, a full service buffet, including chafing dishes, serving utensils, quality plates and cutlery will also be provided.

Catering seems pretty straightforward and simple: You cook some food and serve it, right? That is the basic idea, but there's more to it. A whole lot more. Catering involves a lot of planning and preparation, teamwork, creativity and some pretty cool equipment. Whether it's a party for 50 for 500 people, the goal is the same: deeply satisfying the guests!!!