Top food trends - 2013

Here's what to expect from the culinary world in 2013:

  • Gluten Free Walk into a supermarket and you are likely to see a section dedicated to Gluten free. What is gluten free? It essentially means without wheat. Try telling a north Indian that he should give up his rotis, and he will think you're mad. But over the last few years, gluten allergy has become quite common. Many people claim their 'gluten sensitivity' makes them feel bloated and fatigued when they eat things made with wheat, barley and rye. It's a whopping 7 billion dollar industry today.
  • Quinoa A south American grain that's now looked upon as a super food by nutritionists. It's very high in protein, has got hardly any calories, and is low in cholesterol. So far, so good. The latest stories about Quinoa that is doing the rounds is, that there is a global shortage. Thanks to the rising demand. So much so that it has become scarce in South America, where it's the staple for the poor.
  • Coconut Oil Consume this like a tonic, the health experts say. It's great for your hair and skin. Many people who had health issues, all seem to be consuming this oil as it makes your immune system strong, it is full of anti-oxidants.
  • Detoxification Weekend packages at spas, healthy diets, Ayurveda centers, detoxification takes on new hues and rules. The basic tenet is to give your system a break. You can go raw, you can do Ayurvedic practices, you can even opt for massages that help you detox. An age old technique that has been and still is going strong.
  • Ragi Ragi, also known as finger millet. A health food that is a staple for children in South Indian homes, is making a comeback on the grindstone. It's a very rich source of calcium, is great for the bones and is low in cholesterol. It's now found its way into biscuits, flour, name it.
  • Raw Food Eating raw uncooked food guarantees wellness as well as weight loss. The claim: raw food is packed with natural enzymes and nutrients that help the body reach optimal health - and you'll shed pounds. Of course, this diet is as old as time itself but it has evolved with time.
  • The Friand This little French tea time treat is meant to be eaten with the fingers. Increasingly sold in cafes, the friand, which is a small cake, is made with almond flour and egg whites and makes for a light, but delicious, moist bite.
  • Agua Frescas An exciting new beverage, called Aguas Frescas might just be the new drink everyone will be talking of this year! Translated to mean 'fresh waters', this one is well-known in Mexico. Icy and colourful, the drink has a mix of fruits, edible flowers and cereals, as well as seeds and is blended with sugar and water to make a non-alcoholic drink.