Dial a meal from train at Jaipur station, get delivery at your seat

train food delivery, food in train at Jaipur railway station, fresh foodWhat goes better with a variety of scenery, destinations and trains than a variety of food services?

Railway ka khana is a personal peeve! Meals are usually provided on board most long distance trains, however the food served by Indian Railways is hardly inspiring. Choices are limited and don't cater to Western tastes. Someone from the catering department will come and take your order in advance for these meals.

All of us travel via train and many times it is difficult to find good food while travelling in train. If you are just relying on the food offered by local vendors and pantry car, you are certainly thinking wrong as Nutty Taste offer you fresh food as per your order right on your seat at Jaipur station.

Nutty Taste offers a variety of choices to a Railway passenger so that the passengers can order food as per their liking and at their price point while they are travelling. So, if you are taking a train journey, just enjoy the benefits of having fresh vegetarian food served on your seat.