Veg thali provides convenience

Veg Corporate ThalisIndian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Food is always top priority on an Indian's mind. Food is always top priority on an Indian's mind. And one way to indulge in a little bit of everything is to eat the veg thali.

A thali is essentially a set menu that the restaurant owner offers. In a basic vegetarian restaurant the set menu is not very elaborate and can have just your basic vegetables and daal with rice and chapattis. In some other high end vegetarian restaurants there are two or three options for a set menu.

Bite sized food that this palate offers is very convenient to the Indian consumer. It is easy on the pocket and there is very little he has to do in terms of selecting the meal from a menu card. The set menu pattern is also beneficial to the restaurant owner. He just has to prepare a set menu for the day and serve it without too many permutations and combinations.

There are a number of options for a foodie to choose from among thalis. You can have a combination of regional delicacies on a one single plate! This set menu and palate is majestic and heavenly not only in taste but also appearance. While the food is delicious and is gives you a flavour of the regions the restaurant specialises in, there is an elaborate service as well.