Indian Wedding Menu

Wedding menu, menu for marriage, wedding food, Indian cuisinesWhat do you serve at your wedding dinner or wedding reception? You will want it to be something special so that your guests will leave feeling happy and satisfied and probably give compliments to you for your wedding food.

Indian cuisine is so diverse and varied that it can take some time to come up with a perfect wedding dinner menu. Planning a menu is always a tedious task. Often the most difficult part of the job is to select a few from a list of hundreds of dishes.

The wedding menu starts with the starters, the finger food to serve the guest when there is certain time period left for main course, make sure that starters are the ones that almost everyone enjoys eating and is light on the stomach like it can be mini cutlet, mini samosa, pakoras, spring rolls, corn potato kofta etc.... You would certainly want your guests to also enjoy the main course and desserts.

Main course is perhaps the most critical part of the entire food that will be laid out on your wedding day. Have some of the most popular dishes of your region laid out along with other gravies.

A few things that you choose would also depend the season in which your wedding will be held. If it’s a summer wedding, try and arrange for a fruit salad and mocktails (non-alcoholic mixed flavour drinks), soft drinks, ice cream etc... for your guests. If it’s a winter, have a lot of warm fluids like soups, and hot desserts like doodh jalebi for your guests.