How to make ghee @ home


  • A pot of collected malai from milk


  • Collect malai everyday from the top of boiled and cooled milk, saving it in a container over a few days. Keep it in a freezer to keep it fresh;
  • When you have to make ghee take malai out from the freezer and keep it till it is defrost ;
  • Beat the collected malai with some blender or by hand, until butter separates. Save the liquid;
  • Wash butter in cold water a few times, discarding the water. Save some butter if you wish;
  • Now simmer the remaining butter on medium heat karahi, until it becomes clarified;
  • Drain of the ghee off through a cloth, store it in a bottle and allow to cool;
  • You can use the residue, if not burnt, to the dough, to make lovely, crisp parathas;
  • The left over liquid can be used for making dish like Kadhi, rajasthani gatta etc.