Recipes For Kids

Are your kids picky eaters? Never fear! Toddlers, teens, and adults alike will enjoy these healthy kid-friendly meals. Delight kids at the table with our favorite bite-sized meals and recipes that deliver nutrition, flavor, and fun.

Here are some kids food recipes that are easy, quick and healthy.

Quick Chocolate Mousse

Quick Chocolate Mousse A very simple method of making Instant Chocolate Mousse at home. Mostly loved by kids!!! more

Cheesy Macroni

Cheesy Macroni A cheesy pasta dish, Macaroni in cheesy white sauce. cheese macaroni is loved by adults and children alike. more

Tiny Teddy Cars Recipe

Tiny Teddy Cars Recipe Get these Tiny Teddies on the grid for your next birthday party and you will be super popular with the little more

Delicious eggless cakes

Delicious eggless cakes A simple recipe of eggless sponge cake can be use as a base for many other desserts like pineapple gateau, orange gateau, almond praline cake more

Popcorn Cake For Kids

Popcorn Cake For Kids This is a wonderful cake that the kids will love. It's sweet, crispy, crunchy and more

Kids Chocolate Cornflakes

Kids Chocolate Cornflakes One of the easiest recipes ever and an all-time children's classic! Everyone loves crispy cornflake cakes, whatever their age more

Chocolate Rainbow Dot Cookies

Chocolate Rainbow Dot Cookies Mostly loved by kids!! Easy and simple more